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BLENDING provides interactive course materials for a tutor-led intensive blending and phonics intervention for older students with severe reading deficits.

Most middle-school classrooms have at least one student who cannot make sense of a grade-2 chapter book; they will make no further progress without an intensive intervention.  The research is clear: almost all students become strong, competent readers with proper instruction. This program specifically addresses the needs of older students. 

An intensive intervention prescribes one-on-one tutoring for at least an hour per day, ideally two hours, at least five days a week.  With this attention, students typically gain a full year of reading ability *per month*.  That has been our experience too.

Unsure if BLENDING is appropriate?  Hit the About button and tour the introduction. Or try it for 20 minutes with your student.

This is a demonstration textbook written with the MathCode textbook authoring tool.  There is much that remains incomplete.

The content is based on the JSXGraph Book by Igor Pesek.  

This demonstration uses the Monaco Editor and therefore requires a laptop or Chromebook.  It WILL NOT RUN on a phone or tablet.  Not all textbooks will have this requirement.

The voice annotation requires either the Chrome or Edge browser.